The idea for Stepping Together, Inc, (conceived in 1984 when its founder was a fourth year medical student at UCSF School of Medicine) grew out of a desire and dedication to serving others. In 1986 Kenya Numan, M.D. founded the agency in the San Francisco Bay Area with the initial focus toward fund-raising for identified agencies, such as the Sickle  Cell Anemia Foundation of San Francisco Region.  As time passed, organizational goals changed,  the board of Stepping Together realized the vast variety of needs that existed within the under-served populations in the S.F. Bay Area — particularly the East Bay corridor. Always committed to the wellness and social development of the community at large, Stepping Together began to focus on identified issues including domestic violence, breast cancer awareness, immigrants’ needs, and community building. Addressing these needs and others that have surfaced over the subsequent years continue to be the primary goals of the agency.

Our Mission

Current Projects

Stepping Together works with communities to foster stronger social services  including food give-a-away, clothing donation services,  and referral services for victims of domestic violence. Stepping Together continues to adapt to the needs of the communities that it serves.

In the past 5 years Stepping Together began to  focus on international community building as well. Our founder had been participating in various health missions with other community based organizations over the past 9 years and felt Stepping Together should  provide these services as well.

We look forward to this next decade of commitment. We expect to continue our service to these communities, God willing.

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