Marching together, Stepping together …

Marching together, Stepping together for the greater good. On January 21, 2017 millions across the United States, and millions across the world, in every continent marched. A worldwide march to bring attention to the concern of millions of disenfranchised women, minorities, and immigrants. And to bring attention to climate change,….. Read more“Marching together, Stepping together …”

Reaching Out In Your Community

There is always an opportunity to help someone in your neighborhood. The reward of feeling good afterward will motivate you do continue to help those in need. Whether it is donating your clothes not are not being used to local charities, volunteering at a food bank or donating food to… Read more“Reaching Out In Your Community”

Talking So Others Will Listen

Recent events worldwide demonstrates the need for everyone to have a voice in how they are governed. However many people are living in their homelands without having their voices heard. Part of the problem lies in people realizing their voices need to be heard. Others may not want to get… Read more“Talking So Others Will Listen”

Helping Others Is Right & It Feels Good

Everyday we are faced with news reports of natural disasters, war, conflict and the millions of victims. There is no paucity of areas to help, lend a hand, or donate money. We applaud those who continue to give before being asked, and those who graciously give when called upon. There… Read more“Helping Others Is Right & It Feels Good”

Making A Difference: Florida State Footballer

Every day there are opportunities for each and everyone of us to make a difference in others’ lives. Whether it is giving up our seats on a crowded bus, opening the door for someone, donating our time or money to charitable events or causes, or by simply smiling and saying… Read more“Making A Difference: Florida State Footballer”

Africa Rising

We have experienced the African continent multiple times either visiting or bringing working health mission members to amazing countries like Kenya, Tanzania, Egypt, South Africa and Swaziland. Hearing from Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala, a leader working to improve that conditions in her native Nigeria, is inspiring. For anyone wanting to continue to… Read more“Africa Rising”

We can all help our environment

Climate change is affecting our environment on many different levels. Despite the reluctance of some politicians to avoid this issue or deny it’s existence, time and again the research is proving them wrong. All of these conversations about climate change can become depressing when thinking of the possible outcomes. What will… Read more“We can all help our environment”

Scholarship Available: deadline July 29 2016

The CCREF Young Investigator Scholarship awards a $2,500 scholarship to encourage college-level compost research projects. In this way, we recruit tomorrow’s generation of industry experts and researchers! WHO SHOULD APPLY: College students with projects about the compost process, the application and use of finished compost, how compost can increase drought tolerance and… Read more“Scholarship Available: deadline July 29 2016”

Wellness As A Goal

The mid year is approaching and many of the New Year’s resolutions may have gone by the wayside for you. But never fear, it is never too late to get started on improving one’s health (mentally and physically). The first step begins with you! Look at your body like a… Read more“Wellness As A Goal”


Being homeless is hard work, includes loss of dignity, increases the chances of illness. It is even worse when temperatures plunge below freezing. Many cities are grappling with their homeless populations, some better than others. The U.S. needs to put more focus on this issue at all levels, including the… Read more“Homelessness”