Reaching Out In Your Community

There is always an opportunity to help someone in your neighborhood. The reward of feeling good afterward will motivate you do continue to help those in need. Whether it is donating your clothes not are not being used to local charities, volunteering at a food bank or donating food to… Read more“Reaching Out In Your Community”

Heading to Tanzania 12-20 August 2014

Our fact-finding trip to in Lindi, Tanzania will commence this month. We, at Stepping Together, Inc are excited and thrilled to have been invited by the Lindi Islamic Foundation of Tanzania (LIFT) to help them improve their community. LIFT, a faith-based volunteer organization registered under the Tanzania Ministry of Home… Read more“Heading to Tanzania 12-20 August 2014”

Tanzania Update

The wheels are rolling, setting gears in place for our upcoming work in Lindi, Tanzania. Our fact-finding trip will occur in August 2014 to lay the groundwork for our upcoming mission work. In the initial stages the health missions will be focused on women’s health care, in particular cervical cancer… Read more“Tanzania Update”

“How a Grieving Family Saved A Troubled City with A Martyr”

7633 Sunkist Drive, Oakland CA 94605-3032 Phone (510) 394-4601 Aaron & Margaret Wallace Foundation Abdul-Jalil Honored in Port Au-Prince, Haiti and Miami, Fla. for Relief Missions to Haiti Join the Superstars Entertainment and Sports Network Abdul-Jalil’s Haas School of Business Profile Ziggs Profile of Abdul-Jalil Linked In Profile… Read more““How a Grieving Family Saved A Troubled City with A Martyr””

Taking International High School All-Star Team to Brazil

Coach Hodari McGavock founded the “No Books, No Ball ” Academic Achievement Program to help student-athletes achieve, academic excellence and attend college. Coach McGavock and his teams have enjoyed much success over the course of his coaching career winning numerous championships and trophies. They have won 9 Oakland Athletic League… Read more“Taking International High School All-Star Team to Brazil”