Family Violence in our Communities

Family violence, domestic abuse, intimate partner violence is in our communities. It remain as long as we do not commit ourselves to eradicating it and resolving the issues that contribute, such as unemployment, poverty, substandard education, are a few. Yes these are major issues to tackle but we have to start somewhere.

The problem continues to exist for many reasons, such as it often happens behind closed door in the privacy of one’s home. Our society has become so disconnected, people don’t say hello on the street, everyone is in a rush, so many things, including abuse, remain hidden from the public view until a famous person is involved. Then we stop and pay attention for a minute. After a few days or weeks our attention is diverted by other stories, there may be a short-lived increase in hotline calls,… but the problem continues and the calls decrease.

We can do something, but it will take effort. Domestic violence awareness should happen every month. When people are more apt to talk about it victims may be more encouraged to seek help, and perhaps less children will suffer. Advocating for more support services in your community will help but remember this will take time and effort. So don’t forget when November comes around,.. victims continue to be abused. We all need to make an effort to focus continuous attention on this issue so it becomes unacceptable in all of our communities.

Check out our page on The Ayesha Project (TAP). We are working to train advocates for the community.