The Ayesha Project

From 1992 – 1995, Stepping Together was at the forefront of bringing Domestic Violence (DV) awareness to the San Francisco Bay Area Muslim Community.

The issue of DV was not being addressed in this population at that time; it was not being talked about in the mosques, or in community gatherings — and though it was a problem within this community, counseling and social services were scarce.

While our efforts to bring open dialogue about domestic violence issues occurring within the Muslim community were rebuffed by some Muslim leaders, fortunately other groups also began to take on the issue, as we continued to focus our efforts on other areas of pressing need.

Now, Stepping Together with The Ayesha Project is dedicated to addressing the issue of domestic abuse at

Domestic violence is not going away! Various local communities still need advocates…women are still dying…and families are still being torn apart.

We are re-dedicating our efforts to help address this issue and welcome your support, participation and dialogue.

Domestic Violence Education and Information:

What is Domestic Violence?

Common Myths

Being Prepared



Stepping Together is committed to engaging in dialogue to help educate community and religious groups, families, and other community members on the issues surrounding domestic violence.

Upcoming Events

Domestic Violence Trainings

We will be providing our annual trainings on domestic violence to the Muslim communities in the East Bay Area of Northern California during October 2014. The trainings will be in several formats consisting of 3 hour sessions with the goal to:

1. To encourage dialogue in the Muslim community
2. To train Muslimah to how to present the issue of Domestic Violence amongst their circle.


Stepping Together, Inc is committed to improving dialogue, education, and strengthening services for communities regarding the issue of Domestic Violence. Please contact us to schedule a training structured for your community.

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