Helping Others

The new year, 2016, has begun with numerous stories about victims of natural, unnatural and man-made disasters! More countries are experiencing the effects of war, poverty, economic imbalance, terror, violence, and most of all climate change. There is always some news about others taking advantage of those weaker. Whether it is economic or social suppression/oppression, it all comes down to the same thing, people and individuals are being harmed so that others can live comfortably.

However we all have an opportunity to change this paradigm, we can alter the course this world is heading but we need to work together and the take the first step. This is what Stepping Together Inc is all about, we work together with others who want to make a difference for others. The results are noticeable, our small efforts are sprouting wings of encouragement to others to join in and help. After all doing anything is better than doing nothing!

Here is yet another example of those with little helping others, click here