Peoples Climate March and Rally, NYC.

September 21, 2014 New York, NY Thousands came to participate in one of the largest marches held in the US on climate change. The indigenous populations have been affected most from climate change were well represented and led the march. Activists, community groups, faith-based groups, students from college campuses and… Read more“Peoples Climate March and Rally, NYC.”

What are we doing? Why can’t we be leaders?

I have been diligently following the Climate Change Conference (CCC) now entering in the final week. It amazes me how the USA cannot take a leadership role especially since we were one of the big contributors to this problem. In the recent broadcast from Copenhagen, Denmark Amy Goodman’s Democracy Now!… Read more“What are we doing? Why can’t we be leaders?”

Yellowstone a petri dish for climate change

——————– Yellowstone a petri dish for climate change ——————– The national park’s virtually intact ecosystem, where the hand of man remains light, is a natural place for scientists to study the biological effects of global warming. By Julie Car, LA Times December 6 2009 Reporting from Yellowstone National Park —… Read more“Yellowstone a petri dish for climate change”